Consumer Intimacy in Insurance with a CDP

  • September 26, 2022
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Consumers today interact with brands through various steps, stages, and channels making the buyer journey complex. In fact, they are also looking for/expecting intimate personalized experiences from their brands. For marketers, it becomes difficult to differentiate between existing and potential customers at all touchpoints and deliver that consumer intimacy by channeling the right communication.


If the content is not curated or well-targeted for a customer at every stage, it is most likely going to cause fatigue. Gartner predicts that customers expect to manage 85% of their relationships with enterprises without interacting with a human. Hence, it becomes imperative for marketers to invest in the right technology that can help them increase digital customer engagement and thereby boost conversions.


Consumer Intimacy: Data Explosion and Complex Journeys

Insurance companies nowadays are generating huge volumes of data every second. It all starts with one click which then leads to an explosion of data. This data needs to be centralized, processed, and executed in order to generate a meaningful impact on consumers. 



customer journey | Consumer Intimacy


Consumer journeys have also become complex (as seen in the above image) and it is important for insurance marketers to be effective at all touchpoints physical or digital to stay relevant and connected to them. This is where the need for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) arises. 


Consumer Intimacy: Breaking the Consumer Maze with Lemnisk’s CDP-Led Marketing Automation Platform


breaking customer maze | consumer intimacy




Lemnisk’s CDP-Led Marketing Automation Platform can accumulate and unify insurance consumer data across channels and process it into actionable insights. Based on the insights, insurance marketers can craft personalized campaigns across all online and offline channels. 



Lemnisk Customer Data Platform | Consumer Intimacy


CDP Data – Lemnisk aggregates data from various sources such as CRM, Web, Mobile App, 3rd Party systems, offline, etc. It’s then standardized and unified under each user to generate a Single View.


CDP Analytics – From the unified view, Lemnisk helps marketers extract valuable and actionable insights that can be used to personalize the experience for each individual user. Marketers can categorize users into segments and micro-segments based on their next best action. Lemnisk’s AI-driven channel attribution feature helps in tracking channel conversion rates and enables marketers to identify the preferred channels of users.


CDP Campaign and Sevice – Armed with the insights from the CDP, marketers can activate the data and run personalized campaigns across various channels and systems such as CMS, website, mobile, marketing automation systems, Ads, lead management systems, etc. This helps them deliver the right consumer intimacy that increases brand engagement and stickiness for consumers. 



1. Provide Relevancy: Marketers can use Lemnisk to provide personalized communications and valid recommendations to insurance customers with respect to cross-sells/upsells.


2. Recommendation Engineering: Communication is of no use if it is not coupled with an AI-engineered framework that prioritizes important updates to the end user. The Lemnisk platform ensures that they don’t miss any opportunity along with the identification of package deals that can be offered via understanding user behavior data. Marketers can also run and execute campaigns that target specific demographics based on conditions like natural calamities and make consumers feel more integrated with their brand when they need them the most.


3. Manage Renewals: Insurance customers can be sent updates regarding renewals or payment-related issues which decreases the risk of losing them and improves their retention.


4. Build and Improve Advocacy: It is important to understand how much customers value a brand. Hence, it is important for marketers to send out personalized messages to get good or bad feedback and act on it to build a relationship where the customer feels valued.


5. Create a Personalized Servicing Model: In order to give a personalized experience when it comes to customer service, it is important to have a Single View of the customer to understand their behaviour. Lemnisk CDP can create a comprehensive Single Unified View that provides deep insights to marketers about each individual user. 


6. Easy Claim Process FNOL: A personalized experience can be curated when an insurance policyholder files for a loss by ensuring that marketers have centralized policy data for every customer. With Lemnisk CDP, they can reduce the claim process by 10x, thus improving the customer experience considerably.



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By Mantavya Pathak | Senior Manager – Customer Success (SEA) at Lemnisk


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