Financial Services marketers are finding that traditional marketing is no longer effective with their customers. Customers expect organizations to know them, understand them, and offer the right solution for their needs. Financial marketers must deliver real-time personalization through the preferred channels of customers to increase digital engagements and customer conversions.

Experience Hyper-Personalization


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Engage users across channels at a single user level

Financial Services marketers leverage Lemnisk to engage users across different channels by ensuring an omnichannel user experience whether they are on a web page, mobile app, or any other marketing channel.

Hyper-personalization-single user

Right message & right context

Lemnisk’s industry-specific algorithms help empower
seamless hyper-personalization in the Financial Services
industry. This is done by assimilating customer data and personalizing the experience for each user with the right
message and context.

Real-time personalization at scale

Lemnisk’s intelligent platform enables real-time personalization at scale by creating millions of personalized experiences, each at an individual user level that drives better engagement and conversions.


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