Marketers are overwhelmed by the advent of multiple marketing channels that makes it difficult
to understand user-channel preferences.
Lemnisk’s AI-powered channel orchestration helps them understand channel propensity and
user behavior to engage customers in real-time.
channel orchestration-user

Engage users individually across the right channels

The Lemnisk platform helps marketers understand each user and their channel preferences at scale. With the help of AI-based cross-channel orchestration, marketers can reach out to customers with the appropriate message through the right channel instantly.

channel orchestration-user2
channel orchestration-user3

Orchestrate user engagement at the right moment

Through automated channel orchestration, marketers can now directly orchestrate millions of unique customer journeys with contextual information and engage the customer at the right moment. This not only increases user engagement but also drives high customer satisfaction levels.

Algorithms built for any industry

Lemnisk’s AI-based platform is powered by algorithms that can be customized for any industry and can capture user signals, understand their preferences, and enable omnichannel orchestration in real-time.

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