Traditional martech & adtech worlds have operated in silos which have resulted in marketers being
unable to leverage the two technologies for better customer engagement and conversions.

Lemnisk powers Marketing & Advertising tech convergence that helps marketers improve campaign
effectiveness by optimizing the marketing spend and utilizing marketing channels more effectively.

madtech-all channels

Utilize free channels before Paid

Lemnisk’s AI Platform helps marketers optimize the effectiveness of free marketing channels and extract quality marketing leads before spending marketing budgets on programmatic campaigns.

madtech-free channels
madtech-paid channels

Optimize marketing spend on paid channels

Marketers leverage Lemnisk’s Customer Data Platform to get clearer insights into user behavior and preferences. They can now target customers/prospects with programmatic campaigns who are more likely to interact and engage and thereby bring down marketing costs.

Increase call center efficiency through programmatic campaigns

Lemnisk increases call-center efficiency by bringing in call-center data to its CDP. With this data, financial marketers are able to follow-up with programmatic campaigns for prospects who are most likely to engage positively and lead to an early conversion or product-upsell.


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Maximise The Digital Share Of Your Business
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