In the insurance industry, the distribution costs involved are high when it comes to paying claims to customers. Insurance marketers need to better optimize their online marketing spend and make it more cost-efficient. It is therefore essential for them to maximize revenue by understanding customer needs and delivering hyper-personalized experiences on their preferred marketing channels.

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Here’s how Lemnisk helps global Insurance brands optimize marketing spend and create personalized experiences

Engage Call Center Leads

You’re generating a lot of leads, but is your call center actually able to reach those leads to prompt them to a purchase? Our study tells us marketers are unable to reach upwards of 40% of leads on phone and this number holds true across the industry. In other words, half of your marketing spend is going for waste because you can’t reach your leads! Lemnisk CDP helps in engaging non-contactable leads across channels by identifying user intent and targeting them with hyper-personalized messages.

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Quote-Level Personalization

Website visitors calculate the premium for an insurance product without proceeding to submit the form. Using Lemnisk CDP, insurance marketers can capture this user data and use it to send out hyper-personalized messages across channels based on the calculated quotes.

Cross-Device Synchronization

Insurance marketers can drive greater conversion rates with consistent marketing messages across devices (mobile, desktop) through Lemnisk CDP. It unifies user behavior data across desktop and mobile devices, through which marketers can engage and personalize each user experience.


Cross-Sell to Policyholders

Use Lemnisk CDP to gather intent signals that your customers have left behind across online and offline eco-systems. Predict the product that will interest them and run cross-sell campaigns for existing policyholders.

Premium Renewal Reminders to Existing Policyholders

Run scheduled premium renewal campaigns in real-time for existing policyholders about 30 days before their premium due date across multiple channels. Leverage Ramanujan AI to create millions of personalized user experiences for customers at an individual user-level that drives better engagements and conversions.


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