The ever growing consumer needs and new technological advancements have encouraged traditional retail chains to scale up their business, not just in store numbers, but digitally as well. In order to drive business on both online and offline domains, any established retail brand essentially needs to look into three salient drivers of growth -
conversions, brand awareness, and seamless customer experience.

Lemnisk CDP for retail

Lemnisk’s Intelligent CDP is perfectly designed to manage the vast database of any retail chain. It utilizes customer data to provide a seamless user experience to new, existing and returning website visitors. This is done by tailoring personalized messages and offers as per the needs of each unique shopper on multiple marketing channels.

Mapping in-store customers with website visitors

Identify website visitors with a prior history of shopping from the store. Create a link with past purchases to give these shoppers a personalized experience on the website. Segment customers based on their purchasing patterns and target them with customized messages that will have a greater impact on that segment.

Mapping in-store customers with website visitors
engage first-time shoppers

Engage first-time shoppers on the website

Identify shoppers who are first-time visitors to the website and determine their needs derived from various online and offline data sources. Target these shoppers with personalized messages based on their previous online behavior, store purchases, present location, last product intent on the website, buyer persona, etc.

Enabling product and promotion discovery

In-store product sales are always a primary focus for all major retail chains. Using Lemnisk CDP, retail marketers can track past customer purchases and identify purchase patterns. By leveraging this information, marketers can target customers with the latest product offers on various online channels to induce in-store purchases.

enabling product and promotion discovery
Encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases

Encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases

All major retail chains run loyalty and reward programs to encourage repeat purchases and create brand loyalty. Lemnisk’s AI-driven platform helps marketers create unique user journeys where each customer is engaged with messages and offers unique to their relationship with the brand. They can be constantly updated with regard to any information or offers on their reward/loyalty points.

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