The telecom industry worldwide is known to be highly competitive and customer experience is considered to be an essential factor to ensure success and stability. With the exponential rise in internet users, delivering enriching digital experiences is the need of the hour for telco marketers.

Lemnisk CDP for telecommunication

Lemnisk’s AI-driven Customer Data Platform (CDP) with its marketing automation system helps telecom companies achieve competitive advantage by driving digital engagement through personalized customer experiences across channels and devices. The CDP allows marketers to get a 360-degree view for each customer and enables them to make their marketing efforts customer-centric and tailored to fit their needs.

Leveraging valuable customer data

Telecommunication providers deal with a vast collection of data like user data, device data, location data, etc from different sources.

Lemnisk CDP helps in unifying these structured and unstructured data to provide a 360-degree view of individual users. This single customer view helps in reducing churn rates and consistently improve customer loyalty over time.

Leveraging valuable customer data
Re-engaging website drop-offs

Re-engaging website drop-offs

One of the major challenges of telecom providers is to beat the competition in the market and acquire new customers. Lemnisk’s CDP-led marketing automation platform helps in re-engaging website visitors who had earlier visited plans and prices on the website but dropped off without purchasing any plan.

This is done by tracking their website behavior and activity and tailoring personalized plans and offers by identifying their requirements.

Improve customer journeys

Cross-channel engagements create multiple customer touchpoints over different online and offline channels. With Lemnisk CDP, customers experience a seamless switch from one channel to the other with consistent personalized messaging across all channels.

Telecom marketers can thus ensure a seamless and consistent customer journey without distinguishing between various digital channels.

Improve customer journeys
Building customer-centric interactions

Building customer-centric interactions

Customer experience is the key to consistent brand loyalty. Some telecom customers prefer to do all their transactions through the website, while others prefer using mobile apps for paying bills, selecting plans and other activities.

These customers can be targeted on their preferred channels with relevant offers and messages with the help of Lemnisk’s AI-powered CDP.

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