There are various stages in a customer conversion funnel. A customer journey builder is designed to allow
marketers to customize interactions through these stages based on the customer needs, preferences, etc.
With Lemnisk, marketers can visually create complex workflows and personalize customer journeys
via different marketing channels through a simple drag and drop user interface.

Crafting customer journeys

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to design unique journeys for their customers. With Lemnisk's customer journey builder, they can now craft exclusive user journeys both simple and complex and map customer personas with cross-channel interactions.

Align marketing messages to each customer journey

Marketers must integrate customer data from all offline/online channels which can help in deriving valuable insights. This can help them design marketing campaigns that can be aligned with each customer's journey. Lemnisk’s AI-powered platform ingests and unifies data from various digital interactions and creates unique user journeys for each individual customer.

Monitor journeys in real-time

Monitoring marketing campaign effectiveness is challenging but analyzing them in real-time is the need of the hour. Lemnisk enables marketers with the power to control customer journeys in real-time and optimize campaigns.

Adapt each customer experience in the moment

Adapt to changes in customer behavior in the moment and orchestrate each change into a positive experience. Marketers look to Lemnisk’s Customer Journey Builder to respond and guide users across unique customer journeys.

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