Customer Data Platform or CDP is a packaged SaaS (software-as-a-service) product that is designed to build a unified customer database for an organization.

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A CDP enables marketers to understand customer data and derive insights to enrich the customer experience. Lemnisk’s AI-based customer data platform has been instrumental in driving millions of dollars’ worth of incremental leads and conversions for the world’s largest financial institutions.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an integrated customer database managed by marketers that unifies a company's customer data from online and offline channels to enable modeling and drive customer experience.

The Need for Data-Driven Marketing

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Customers want personalized experiences from their service providers. As a result, hyper-personalization has become the number one priority for marketers in the industry today. They are waking up to the realization that delivering personalized experiences highly depends on understanding customer data.

A CDP is designed to build a unified customer database for an organization. Implementing a CDP can help achieve consistent customer engagement, increased loyalty, and higher sales.

Capabilities of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Benefits of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Eliminate data silos and connect all marketing systems

Create unified and complete customer profiles to enhance their experience

Reach the right target audience on the basis of buyer persona and behavior

Cross-device personalization by associating each device with a unique identifier

Garner deep customer insights to run targeted marketing campaigns

Data unification across various online and offline data sources

Select the right message and deliver a consistent experience across all channels and devices

Customer Data Platform (CDP) Use Cases

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