Customer data today exists across disparate data sources. Financial Marketers have a colossal challenge of
aggregating, organizing, and storing user data securely. However, there is a need for a data aggregation
platform that can help marketers bring user information all in one place.

Lemnisk’s Hybrid Customer Data Platform (CDP) aggregates , centralizes, and unifies customer information by providing a single user view for marketers. With Lemnisk, Financial Services Enterprises can ensure that all their valuable data can reside on-premise and the other data on the cloud.

customer data

Integration of Behavioral, Partner, & Audience data

Financial Marketers can aggregate data collected from behavioral offline/online, partner, and audience data sources and bring them all in one central location with Lemnisk’s Hybrid CDP.

Flexible data ingestion

Lemnisk has a wide variety of data ingestion capabilities (api, tag, mmp, etc.) tailored to a financial marketer’s specific needs. Enterprises can now instantly solve identity resolution and data propagation happens in real-time and at scale.

Hybrid data storage

Financial marketers can use Lemnisk CDP’s hybrid feature for storing all their sensitive data on-premise and keep the remaining data on the cloud. This gives financial enterprises enough flexibility to secure and manage their customer data.

Single customer view

Lemnisk's Hybrid CDP unifies both offline & online data from multiple data sources and connectors to create a single customer view for each individual user. This, in turn, can be used to hyper-personalize experiences across their preferred channels.

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