Event and Funnel Metrics Release

  • January 3, 2022
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Happy New Year from the Lemnisk Team!! As we usher in 2022, here are two exciting new analytics capabilities on the Lemnisk platform:


– Event Metrics

– Funnel Metrics


Event and Funnel Metrics Release


Before we proceed, a quick word on Events. We recently made significant changes to how we ingest and process customer data into the platform. Specifically, we implemented a standardized “event-based” framework.


This new approach ensures the following:

What are the benefits?

Now, to the two reports.


Event Metrics

This report lets you drill down into every event captured in the Lemnisk Customer Data Platform for a defined time range. This can typically be:

As you connect more and more marketing systems to the Lemnisk CDP, this analytics report gives you an unprecedented “single & centralized” view into every customer event happening anywhere in your enterprise.


Funnel Metrics

The funnel metrics report helps you understand how users are moving through a series of defined steps in a defined time period. Each step is an “Event” that you select while setting up the funnel. The report gives you insights on drop-offs at each stage of the event. And with the Lemnisk CDP – you can track a funnel across multiple tools, including offline events that are captured in the CDP.


Please contact your Customer Success or Delivery partner if you are not on the event-based framework yet. Or if you want to understand these reports in more detail.


We will continue releasing powerful features each week through January like we did during December. So keep watching this space!


By Bijoy K.B | Senior Marketing Manager at Lemnisk


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