Lemnisk for Other Financial Services

For other Financial Services such as securities, the time value of money is very important to a customer.  Providing a customer with the right data at the right time on their most preferred channel is the key to winning customers online. Lemnisk’s AI-based customer data platform is designed to orchestrate hyper-personalized experiences for each individual customer.

Here’s how Lemnisk helps other Financial Services brands hyper-personalize customer experience

personalize customer

Boost Call Center/Direct Sales Efficiency

Ensure an omni-channel user experience for customers through targeted personalization and boost your call center/direct sales efficiency and online conversions.

nbo based experience

Engage Non-Reachable Hot Leads

Capture non-reachable hot leads across multiple touch points with the right message at the right time. Deliver a hyper-personalized user experience through cross-channel orchestration.

user propensity score

Customer intent activation

Target customers based on their buying intent and engage them across channels with personalized offers that are most relevant to their needs.

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