New Reporting Measures Release

  • December 27, 2021
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In our weekly customer-focused feature release series, the next two weeks will be focused on powerful and insightful upgrades to the Lemnisk platform’s analytics capabilities.


New Reporting Measures Release


This week, we have added new measures in the Reporting Section. Here’s the lowdown for you:


1. Currently, measures such as Sent, Open, Bounce are only visible at a particular channel level. But as a marketer, you run multi-channel engagements on many channels simultaneously & analyze the efficiency of each channel. When you want to understand the efficiency of a particular channel in the context of a segment, it is difficult to visit each channel separately and gather this information. With this week’s release, you won’t need to do this anymore.


We have added new reporting measures in the “Explore” tab where you can select multiple channels at once, view this data in one place, and even export it into a CSV from the UI itself.


2. As a marketer, you want to maximize lead generation when you are running engagements via different channels. And it’s imperative to know which engagement or channel is generating the maximum leads.


To track this crucial metric, two completely new reporting measures – “1 Day Leads” and “7 Day Leads” have been added to the “Explore” section. “1 Day” and “7 Day” here refer to the lead conversion happening after the user clicked on an engagement/channel/segment combination – each of which you can select as a dimension.


Coming up in the first week of the new year – more amazing insights including Event Metrics, Funnel Metrics, etc.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Lemnisk!


By Bijoy K.B | Senior Marketing Manager at Lemnisk


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