Marketers look to personalize each user
experience or journey which require
dynamic predictive segmentation

Financial Marketers need to create real-time customer segmentation for better personalization experiences and engaging users through the right channel or device.

user segments

Create powerful and relevant user segments instantly

With Lemnisk, you can create powerful user segments relevant to your business instantly. Unify customer data by bringing in first-party online/offline data, second & third-party data for each individual user and run targeted campaigns with ease.

Smart Segmentation

Smart Segmentation on the go

Be it any Financial customer, marketers always have a need to segment users based on various categories. Lemnisk’s dynamic segmentation capabilities not only allow you to easily slice and dice the data but also comes with pre-created segments.

predictive segmentation

Predictive Segmentation in real-time

Lemnisk’s intelligent customer data platform can perform predictive segmentation and can automatically segment your users based on their buying propensity in real-time using 50+ industry-specific data variables.

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