Use cases to drive digital growth

Be it an existing banking customer or a new prospect, be it an existing insurance policy holder or a new user – the Lemnisk platform allows you to execute use cases that are designed to maximise user engagement and grow online conversions across channels on and off the website.

Quote level prospect targeting

Convert frequent visitors into customers like a pro. Capture granular user data at a quote level (age, gender, premium amount, loan amount, etc.) and use these variables to power 1:1 personalization across channels. Engage with your prospects with sharper targeting and drive them down the sales funnel quicker.

NBO based experience

Make your customers feel loved. Identify existing customers among your website visitors even before they log in. Personalize their experience with NBO (Next Best Offer) based recommendations on the website and paid channels to upsell products.

Moment of truth notification

Marketing is all about right timing. Identify your customers on your partner websites (for example, a customer with a pre-approved auto loan offer is looking for a car on a comparison website) and show relevant offers in real time, just when they need them.

Customer intent activation

Discover existing customers who are browsing anonymously on your website and push customized offers based on their buying intent.

Maximize the digital share of your business

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