Lemnisk Customer Data Platform: New Features and Updates


Bangalore, July 8th, 2020

We have recently upgraded Lemnisk's CDP-led real-time marketing automation solution with various enhancements such as probabilistic user data stitching across adtech and martech and social data sources, AI-based product recommendations, support for retail and e-commerce verticals, as well as deeper app personalization capabilities.


All of these features along with the existing capabilities like Ramanujan, an AI engine to orchestrate single user journeys, are now also available on a new and intuitive user interface that's winning praise from customers for its ease of use.


Earlier this year, we expanded our platform’s support for verticals outside Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services. Customers in Retail, E-Commerce, Travel and Hospitality, and other verticals can also sign up for our acclaimed and proven Customer Data Platform. The company is committed to building products around the key needs of its customers - acquiring new customers, engaging at scale with existing customers, and driving better RoI from the existing marketing stack and initiatives.


The new features are as explained below:


1. Probabilistic User Data Stitching

This feature involves the stitching of user data across sources such as social media, CRM, etc. that enable the marketer to get a holistic view of users and thereby target them with sharper recommendations/offers.


The benefit of this feature is that it enables marketers to enrich their customer profiles by ingesting user behavioral data from additional data sources like social data, secondary CRM or point of sale systems and use that to improve targeting and personalization. 


It's different from a deterministic match where it is easy to stitch user identity based on a common unique identifier. Here, as the marketer is dealing with anonymous user data, a probabilistic match is made to identify and stitch data for each user


How Does It Work?

All publicly available user data that the marketer is allowed to obtain from a user’s social media page such as likes and comments are fed into the CDP. User parameters such as name, location, browser version, operating system, etc. are tracked and a probabilistic match is determined against the user.


For example, consider a user currently interested in a marketer’s brand:


By tracking the user parameters or dimensions, the marketer can match and stitch the data from the 3 profiles and deduce that there is a high probabilistic match for user A. As a result, the marketer can target user A with sharper and better-personalized recommendations that cater to the specific needs of the user.


2. AI-Based Product Recommendations

This feature is mainly applicable to retail and e-commerce websites. User activity on the website and mobile app pertaining to product searches are combined with past browsing and purchase history. Lemnisk’s AI engine Ramanujan then identifies and displays similar or related products increasing user engagement and conversions. 


3. Support for Retail and E-commerce Verticals

Lemnisk’s CDP-led marketing automation system has been customized to include support for retail and e-commerce verticals. This has been done by incorporating Product Feed/Catalog management capabilities into the platform and also enhancing various channels to support product level hyper-personalization. The platform is also configured for standard e-commerce use cases like cart abandonment, stock/size availability, price drop, etc. 


4. Deeper App Personalization Capabilities

Lemnisk CDP’s app capabilities have been further enhanced by providing deeper personalization to users with the help of cross-device data. We have enhanced the functionality of the In-App and App push messaging channels by increasing the cross channel events that we can track and by providing additional pre-built templates.


About Lemnisk

Lemnisk Customer Data Platform delivers superior customer experiences that result in increased conversions, retention, and growth for enterprises. The key capabilities include:

Headquartered in Bangalore, Lemnisk has offices in Singapore, Dubai and Boston. Lemnisk is ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certified.


Rahul Thomas Mathew
Vice President – Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

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