Position title
Lead DevOps Engineer

We are seeking a seasoned Senior DevOps Engineer to spearhead our migration from traditional cloud-based servers to a Kubernetes environment. Your role is pivotal in enhancing our tech infrastructure through optimized orchestration, improved CI/CD pipelines, sophisticated auto-scaling, and robust logging/monitoring systems. Proficiency in modern DevOps tools and practices, experience with cloud platforms, and familiarity with various databases are crucial. This position offers an exciting opportunity to significantly impact our technological evolution.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Set up a production-grade Apache Kafka in Kubernetes with Jenkins integration.
  2. Design a Jenkins-based CI/CD pipeline for multiple components, including Kafka Connect.
  3. Implement Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) for our 30-40 micro components.
  4. Configure comprehensive logging and monitoring, setting up Grafana dashboards with Prometheus integration.
Key Requirements
  1. Deep expertise in Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Kafka, Kafka Connect, Maven, Java, Prometheus, Grafana, EKS/AKS, Load Balancer, and Ingress.
  2. Experience working with AWS and Azure cloud environments.
  3. 5+ years of relevant experience.
Nice to Have
  1. Familiarity with managing On-prem Kubernetes is a plus.
  2. Familiarity with Secret Manager, NodeJs, Python, Confluent Kafka, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, FluentBit, FluentD, Aerospike, HBase, and MySQL.
  3. If you’re passionate about orchestrating large-scale system migrations and love to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, then you’re just the  professional we’re looking for.
Employment Type
Job Location
Date Posted
July 18, 2023
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