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Deliver personalization at scale

Identify your users wherever they are on the web and deliver a consistent, relevant and personalized experience on all channels. Unleash the power of machine learning to segment users intelligently and target them in a much more sharper way in order to maximize marketing ROI.

Predictive segmentation

Segment your users based on their buying propensity, in real time with the help of 40+ variables. Target the right user-sets for each of your products, message based on whether they are ready to buy or need to be nurtured and personalize messaging across channels.

Persistent user id

Never lose track of your customer. Identify your customers across channels and devices, wherever they might be and power consistent and relevant messaging to drive better engagement and upsell.

1:1 personalization

Segment-level personalization is so ‘yesterday’. Use dynamic creatives to create millions of personalized experiences, each at an individual user level. Sharper targeting with the right offers means better engagement and better conversions.

User level channel orchestration

Don’t just send emails and hope for a response. If Sam is never on Facebook, why spend on Facebook ads for Sam? Factor-in responses of your users on each marketing channel and optimize your sequence for each user to get the best performance out of your channels on and off your website

  The Lemnisk platform offers native support for the below channels:  
Banner personalisation
Onsite notification
Overlay Banner
Notification bot
Programmatic Display
Browser Push Notification
Call Center

Maximize the digital share of your business

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